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Luckypaws Lisbeth
(Luckypaws Takoda x Luckypaws Liliana)
Luckypaws Broomhilda
(Luckypaws Running Bear x Luckypaws Madelyn)
Broomhilda was born on Oct. 1, 2011 and she is a black-brown classic tabby.  
Broomy is a lap kitty with a very loud purr!   
Luckypaws Ms. Molly
(Luckypaws Julian x Luckypaws Lambchop)
All of our cats used for breeding are negative for the HCM gene mutation and
have been  shown to have normal hearts by echocardiogram.   All of our cats
used for breeding have been x-rayed for HD and show no signs of hip
(Ch. Regalcoons Nayati of Luckypaws x Luckypaw Ms. Molly)
We sure do love our Luci!!  Lucipurr is a brown classic torbie (patched
tabby).  She has a wonderful and goofy disposition like both of her
parents, and looks like she is going to be a BIG girl. Lucy is expecting  
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