Welcome to the Luckypaws Maine Coon Cat website!  

We have been small-scale hobbyist breeders of Maine Coon cats
since 1993. Showing and breeding Maine Coon cats is one of our
hobbies and not a "for-profit" business. The fee for adopting one
of our kitties reflects the outlay of  breeding, medical testing,
showing, cattery supplies, and medical expenses needed to
insure healthy, happy and beautiful kittens.  Our highest priorities
are health, temperament, and type.   We treat our kitties with the
love and respect they deserve, none of our kitties are ever kept in
cages and we are very anti de-claw.

Our cattery and all of our cats are registered with TICA (The
International Cat Association) and the CFA (Cat Fancier’s
Association), and we show our cats at TICA and CFA cat shows.  
We are breeder members of the MCBFA (Maine Coon Breeder and
Fancier’s Association.)  All of our kittens are raised “underfoot”
and are lovingly socialized.  We do not let any of our kittens go to
their new homes until they are at least 12 weeks of age.  We use
the Pawped's Maine Coon database's test breeding function to
compute the inbreeding coeficients of planned breedings.  Using
this program allows us to plan breedings that will produce kittens
that are not inbred and that have good "hybrid vigor".

To help prevent HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) in our
kittens, our adult cats used for breeding have their hearts checked
regularly using echocardiogram, by a board certified veterinary
cardiologist at the University of Florida.  All of our cats used for
breeding are also DNA gene tested for the MyBPC3  HCM gene
mutation. Our breeding adults are also x-rayed by an experienced
veterinarian  to detect any signs of hip dysplasia.  We do not use
any cats for breeding purposes that exhibit any symptoms of
these conditions.  We guarantee all of our kittens/cats to be free of
naturally caused  diseases, and cancer for five years.

Our contract requires that you promise that any kitten purchased
from us will be kept indoors only, and never declawed. You must
also promise that if for any reason you are unable to keep a kitten
or cat purchased from us that you will notify us.  We will very
gladly take any kitties back, and we will either find them a good
home or keep them as pets.  We very seldom sell kittens with
breeding rights, and usually only trade cats with other breeders
that we know and trust in order to obtain new bloodlines.   We
occasionally have adult cats that are retired from show and
breeding, that are available as loving pets for very reasonable
adoption fees.

Kittens can be viewed for selection when they are 8 –10 weeks of
age.  A deposit will reserve a kitten until the kitten is 12 weeks old
and ready to join it's new family. Our kittens are placed with a
written sales contract and health certificate,  health guarantee,  
their pedigree, a Maine Coon calendar, stainless steel nail
clippers, food samples of the grain-free foods we recommend, and
some toys.

Our cats can produce brown, silver, red, and cameo (red-silver)
tabbies with and without white, and torbie (patched tabby)  girls
with and w/o white, and solid black kittens.  We live near
Jacksonville, Florida.

If you are looking for an exceptional and healthy pet Maine Coon
kitten, please call or email us.

For the sake of your present and future cats, please read:
Cat: Simple New Secrets to a Longer, Stronger Life, by Elizabeth
Hodgkins, DVM.
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$11.44 plus s&h.

Hope you enjoy looking at our website!  

Lorraine & Dennis
Phone & fax: (904) 282-8190
Email: Luckypaws@juno.com