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The breeding of Broomhilda to Henrik has been successful and  she is
due to have kittens on March 22, 2018. Genetically, the kittens from this
breeding can only be brown (black) classic tabbies with and w/o low
white.  We think their kittens are going to be stunning!!!  Below are photos
of Henrik and Broomhilda.

Our wonderful Luckypaws Lucipurr also got bred and  she is due to have
kittens on April 10, 2018. Lucipurr's daughter, Theadora, was also bred a
week after her mom, so she will be due on April 17, 2018.  So we should
have some amazing kittens born later this year.  Since both Lucipurr and
Theadora are both brown (black) classic torbies, their kittens can be
brown or red classic tabbies.  They were both bred to a brown (black)
classic tabby. You can see the above parents on the Our Girls page and
the Our Boys page on our website.  We will have silver kittens born in the
fall of 2018.

We have had problems in dealing with waiting lists that have gotten too
long, so we are starting a new waiting list with each new litter.  If you
contacted us before and you told us you wanted to be on our waiting list
for the Henrik x Broomhilda kittens, we would like to hear from you again,
to make sure you are still looking for a Maine Coon kitten.  If you have
never been on our waiting list and would like to get on our waiting list,
please email me and I will send you the info you need to read before you
decide to get on our waiting  list.

If you would like to get on our waiting list for upcoming litters, please send
us an email and we will email you a copy of our sales contract, info on our
pricing, and some info on how we feed our cats. You do not have to send
us a deposit to get on our waiting list. We ask people on our waiting list to
make an appointment to come to our home, when the kittens are 9 weeks
of age.  If they decide they want to adopt a kitten at that time, we execute
a sales contract and take a deposit at that time. Kittens are usually ready
to leave here at 12 weeks of age. If your name is on our waiting list, it is
on there only for our Current Kittens.  When those kittens are no longer
available, we start a new waiting list when there are new kittens.

Please double click on photos to enlarge.
Ch. Luckypaws Henrik
Luckypaws Broomhilda