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Please call or email us if you are interested in a kitten. Kittens are shown
by appointment only.  We have only have one female kitten left from the
Ch. Luckypaws Henrik x  Annika litter shown below. Her nickname is
Heddie, she is a black silver classic tabby with low white and she has a
very sweet and playful disposition.

Please double click on photos to enlarge.
CH. Luckypaws Henrik is a
brown/black classic tabby with
low white.
Luckypaws Annika is a black
silver classic tabby.
Parents of kittens born on May 12, 2018
We are retiring from breeding Maine Coon cats after this May 12, 2018 litter has
all be adopted.  We are still trying to figure out which adult  cats would be better
off in new homes where they would get more love and attention. Four
or five of
our adult queens have appointments to be spayed in November
, and we will
figure out after they are spayed who we can part with, and who would be better
off in a home with
no cats or less cats. We would love to find great and loving
homes for these girls, we would prefer that they go to homes with no dogs,
only one or two other cats, or no other pets.
We will post photos of all these
girls in November.
 Thank you very much, to all the wonderful people that
adopted and love the kitties they got from Luckypaws Maine Coon Cats.
The above photos are of Heddie at 4 months of age. Heddie is going to be a large cat, like her father. In the last
month she has turned into a real beauty with a very sweet and laid back personality.  We are very proud of this
amazing female.  S
he is a black silver classic tabby with low white.  AVAILABLE