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We have retired from breeding Maine Coon cats.  We have 2 -3 adult
females that are gorgeous and very sweet cats that we would like to
place in wonderful homes.. We feel that both of these girls would love
to get more attention than they are getting now. They are both lap
kitties and would love to have less competition for love. We would like
this mother and daughter pair to go to a new home together, but we
cat lovers, that would never declaw them or let them go outside to
roam. Screened porches or lanais are just fine.  We also want to find
them a home where they would not be fed dry cat food, because all
dry cat foods slowly kill cats. If you are interested in adopting one or
both of these girls, please email us, and we will send you a copy of our
cat diet recommendations and recipe.  Since both of these girls are
semi-longhaired, they need to be combed at least 1 - 2 times per
week, if you are not able to do this, I highly recommend that you find a
short-haired kitty. Please look below to see photos of Luckypaws
Lisbeth and Luckypaw Annika. Both of these girls are used to having
their nails trimmed and are good about being combed.

If you decide to adopt one or both of these girls, you will be asked to
sign a sales contract in which you promise never to declaw Lisbeth or
Annika,  and that they will be kept strictly indoors. Both girls have been
spayed, they are current on their vaccinations, have never been ill and
have a current rabies vaccination certificate.  If for any reason you are
unable to keep one or both of these girls, we will gladly take them
back, we don't ever want any of our cats to end up in any kind of
Above are photos of Luckypaws Lisbeth, she is a very lovable and sweet
tempered kitty. Lissy is a black silver classic tabby with low white.  She weighs
about 11 lbs and she is an easy keeper.  She was born on September 24,
Above are photos of Luckypaws Annika.  She is a very playful goofball and such a silver
classic tabby. Her coat looks pretty chopped up in this photo, because we recently cut
her hair shorter  because it was getting too long and starting to tangle. In a couple of
weeks her coat will even out and look much better.  She is the daughter of Lisbeth.
Annika was born on September 30, 2016.